Softened words

Awaking at 4:15 this morning I was drawn to my note pad.  I have had a crazy couple of weeks that have left me exhausted.  All I wanted to do was sleep and yet I couldn’t.  There was a message to be written.

Many times my tongue gets the better of me.  Frustration and anxiety make my words much harsher than I mean them to be.  Unfortunately it is usually with those I love the most. Yesterday in the midst of a rather difficult situation I grew angry and said things that didn’t need to be said, especially in such a harsh manner.  A few years ago I read a wonderful book entitled, What would Jesus do?, by author Nick Harrison.  This book stays ever close to my thoughts in situations when I react in ways other than Christ-like.

When Christ met the Samaritin woman at the well he spoke softly to her.  I am sure she was surprised at the gentleness of his manner. Afterall she was a Samaritan hardly fit to give a Jew a dipper of water, and yet, Christ asked this of her.  He spoke in soft tones and shared the story of his heavenly father.  how kind he was to this woman thought to be of lesser decent in Christ times.  However, Christ took the time to share with her of God’s love for all mankind.  Yes, there were times, such as in the temple with the money changers, that Christ showed impatience for the violation of the temple but even in that he then turned and began to teach again.  He did not hold on to his frustration; he let it go!

If only I could learn to do the same!  I am trusting today I will do better!  Today I will remember patience and the virtues that Christ taught.  I will not retaliate even when spoken to harshly, for that is not what Jesus would do.  I will sacrifice my will for the will of the Father.  God bless your day today in soft tones of love as you speak to your family and loved ones.


Blessings for today,  CSW

I’m Free

I  went to the absolutely best women’s retreat of my life  a few weeks ago!   Logically i should never  have  gone I had way too much that needed to be done. My lists went on and on,  but i felt compelled that  I  should  be  there, and so i went!

I felt a warm welcome from the moment I arrived at the church!  I was amazed because most of these people I did not know at all but they welcomed me as an old friend.

We had been told to dress casually and pack casual clothes for the weekend. We sang songs that lifted me up and gave us joy. We revealed in each others blessings and wept with each other in prayer.

We had servers, from the very beginning we were told not to carry our own bags, get our own water or even a cough drop! If you needed anything or even looked like you did some one was there to get it for you. I felt so cherished and blessed.

Now i am not supposed to tell you any more details because what happens at Encounter stays at Encounter!  So, there ya go, thats all I dare say! Well except for I hope I can go again and serve sometime because it was so uplifting it has changed me. 

Yes, I have bad days, and aches and pains, but we are a support group and we are there for each other and its a blessing to know each other!  Those women are amazing Christians that I am glad i have been privileged  to meet!  They have enriched my life and I will forever be blessed by them!          Thank you BSCC ladies

1 chronicles 12:17  “David went out to meet them and said to them, “if you have come in friendship to help me, my heart will be joined to you…”.


The Question is….

We all go through things! Good and bad things!  A couple of dear friends come to mind. One is struggling with cancer, the other friend has had sick children that have kept him from work recently.  All of our circumstances are different, but all are difficult!

My friend with cancer has young children to take care of. As she struggles with that task, she feeds them spiritual food constantly. Her highest priority is keeping trust in God and declaring is soveriegn grace to all who will hear.

My other friend has had first one of his kids sick and then the other for most of the school year.  I can see it taking a toll on his resolve when he talks about it. He told me he had not realized all his wife had done for years as a stay at home mom.

We all have struggles and limitations!  My own husband is struggling with his work of late.  He is exhausted with the struggles. I tell him to look up and to keep his focus on God. However, I  understand that  is not easy to do when you want to just quit!

Life is hard but God is tougher and life will not take you down if you keep your eyes on Him!  Look up not down! He is carrying you when you can’t take the next step!  You can make it.

“I press on toward the goal for the prize of the high call of God in Jesus Christ”  Phill 3:14 NKJV

the high calling of God”  

Sailed those Waters!

“He breathed on them, and said to them, “Receive the Holy Spirit.”  John 20:22 NKJV

Isn’t that the most beautiful verse?  Think about it, having the Holy Spirit breath upon you.  I have sailed on the Chesapeake Bay and it is the most amazing thing to feel that gentle breeze of a quiet Summer evening, blow across your face as the sun sets.  This is how I imagine God breathing the Holy Spirit into the human soul.

I have had times in my life when I  felt  the Holy Spirit actually come upon me that gently.   The peace that can overcome you at that precise moment when you feel that you are right with God and the world that he has placed you in.  When my children were born, that was one of those times when i knew God had placed them in my arms as a stewardship to fulfill  His purposes.

I have sailed upon those waters of peace and I have been privileged enough to weep at the overpowering spirit that can come upon you at those times in your life.  God has blessed me and I have rested in His arms.  There is no other peace as fulfilling as that divine peace from the Father.  He longs to give you that rest, that grace, that peace.  If you beckon unto Him you too can have that experience and bask in the Heavenly peace that only He can give.

Let us Pray for One Another

“Let us pray for one another for the day is fading fast, and the night is growing darker, while the courage goes flaming past.  We can see it in the darkness, closing round our narrow way, and the snares are growing thicker; for each other let us pray.”…Let us pray that God the Father, will his guiding spirit send…knowing well the latter day…that we may be  unwavering, for each other let us pray.”*

This is probably a very familiar hymn to a lot of people.  It has always been one of my favorites though and I thought about it this morning quite a bit.  I was going about my chores and thinking about all the people that I knew that needed of prayers today.  My husband, Bob for his safety in travel as he returns home from a business trip.  My son as he travels for his work.  A young couple that I am making a wedding cake for.  The needs are numerous to be sure.  But I particularly felt that need to prayer for my daughter that is about to give birth.  Of course that got me to thinking about when I was young and how I met my late husband and the birth of our children.  Boy how time flies!

When I was young I recall having a list of what I wanted in a husband.  i was pretty specific, even wrote it down in my journal.  People told me I was too picky but I didn’t think so.  I kept praying about it and met the right person when I was not quite twenty.  I had just moved to Missouri to go to college in August and by the following January we were engaged.  Barry had all the attributes I wanted in a husband.  You know the really important things like having God in his life, honesty, loyalty.  The virtues of a really good person.  When Barry died I was 43.  I was just not the type of person that liked being single.  but I found as I prayed about what to do with my life I still had that same list of important attributes I was looking for in a companion.  A man of God, loyalty, honesty and God allowed me to find that again through prayer.

I have heard over the years so many people that have never thought to pray about their spouse or their children’s birth.  I can’t even imagine that.  God protects us and fills those needs when we take them to Him.  It is as with all things, prayer need to be first.  Then make a list, plan your way and keep praying for direction.  God is ever there for those huge events in our lives; those huge decisions.  And, I believe we should pray for those people that we know are at those cross-roads in their lives.  Do you know someone tht needs your prayers?  If you don’t have anyone that comes to mind, ask God who you can pray for.  I know he will answer your request!


*written by David H Smith  Saints Harmony revised

Wow! It’s been a long time!

Life has a funny way of taking turns as I am so fond of saying.  Had a really strange experience these past few days.  I have had an inner battle for control of my spiritual life.  Finally the Lord won out I believe!   I am feeling very philosophical at this point wondering what the weekend might bring for me in challenges and growth.  Mostly I need refreshment and Living water to nourish my soul.

I watch so many people I know struggle with daily living, myself included and I wonder why it is so???   I know it is because I personally get off track and forget that my soul needs food just as much as my body.  I am really good at eating that extra helping of mashed potatoes but not so good at filling up with the word of God.

So, I trust as I have made an effort to prepare for this weekend that I will be filled with God’s everlasting love and Grace as well as His arms that sometimes caress me and tell me it is okay, and at other times  carry me up out of the muck and mire I have created for myself.

God is Good and He has never left me even in the darkest times so I am trusting him all the way on this one!

The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you;he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”


Blessings for your day,   CSW

I wrote this a couple of years ago but tonight when I reread the message, it was so profound to me I felt it was worth reposting.  God is Good and his Grace is everlasting to my soul!

It was midnight as I stood in my shower thinking of all the things troubling my mind. As I cupped my hands and filled them with water from the shower head I saw the water bubble up and I appreciated how fresh and clear it was. 20 years of nasty brown well water I now appreciated the clearness of fresh water that came from the county system. It was some 14 years later but I still marveled at the clearness of it. However, tonight as I starred at my hands and the bubbling water I thought about God being the Living Water.
Through all of the trials of my life, and there had been many, God had blessed me with his clear Living Water, bubbling up fresh to protect me and guide my every step. He was here now to bless me again. All I need do was to ask.
Ahead was a mountain and the Grand Canyon and I with only a rope, but if I held up the end to God he would take it and pull me through. Why did I always doubt? Why did I always fret? Why did I not just hand Him the rope first off? I didn’t because I created my messes and I assumed I should clean them up but God has Grace sufficient for my soul and for my burdens. The peace and Love of the heavenly Father washed over me and I rested that night in His comfort.

Blessings for your day…

End of my rope!! 

So many days find me in a flurry of activity that seems to get no where!  I feel so inadequate and yet i know for assurance we are doing a good work in our ministry. If that is the case then why my frustration?

 Christ told the disciples to “be fishers of men”.  Following in that vain i have established the habit of working very hard to be kind and loving. I am often misunderstood as being complacent. However, complacency is far from how I feel.

I have found in my almost 60 years of life that all things should be spoken in Love. If we can not speak in love how can we ever hope to speak the truth of Christ and be heard. It is not about what I want for someone elses life but what God intended for their life. If our paths cross, theni tend to think, God made that happen,  How can I bless thier life?

If the journey my life has taken did not make me a better person than what was it for?  So today i ask you, have the circumstances in your lifes journey made you better or bitter?  I hope it has made you better in your walk with Christ. I pray that for you today. 

Blessings from CSW

Got my priorities all twisted!

Sometimes I think I am running as fast as I can and I cannot catch up!  What has happened to me?  I know I am older and slower but this is ridiculous!  Today as I was having my time alone with God I realized it had been several weeks that my alone time had slipped by me.  Why is it that I don’t seem to have enough time anymore?

I used to get so much more done than do now. Sure I am moving a little slower but I believe it comes down to priorities!  Do I go to bed at night at a reasonable time or do I just have to watch one more thing on TV?  Do I get up when the alarm goes off or do I need just a few more minutes of sleep?  We are admonished in the scriptures to “meditate on these things…”.  I am convicted in these few words!  God is holy and worthy to be praised!  So the big question is how do we change our mindset to get priorities in the proper order?

I studied the writings of Emilee Barnes a few years ago and found these words, “it does not matter when you make your time with God, it simply matters that you make the time”.  Morning is best for me.  No, I am not a morning person but visiting with the heavenly Father first of the day helps me set the tone for the rest of my day.  You may be different from me and in the evening before bed helps perhaps settles and relaxes you for the rest that you need.

Whatever, your case may be try to find just 10-15 minutes a day to visit with God. I know you will find it worth your time.

Philippians 4:8  “Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things”.  NKJV

Blessings for you Day,   CSW

*Emilee Barnes Fifteen Minutes Alone With God”

Learned Helplessness

You hear in the field of education the term “learned helplessness”.  What does that phrase mean to you?  For me as I reflected upon my own life, I couldn’t help but recall about the time I hit sixth grade, giving up on math. The teacher made fun of me, the students laughed!  I gave up!!!  Later as an adult, I discovered  that I really could do most math.  Maybe I wasn’t brilliant in math but I could do it and actually revel in my own successes!

From another perspective, as Christians, how often do we claim that we know the Christ and all about his saving grace and then stress when hard times hit. That’s what the world tell us to do in response?  This is where my mind went when I thought about “learned helplessness”.  The world tells us to grab a pill, dull our senses, avoid reality in the depths of a video game, because it is all too much and I cannot help it.

I have found that the greatest response to things I feel I cannot handle is not to react in the vain of helplessness, feeling there is no way out, but to delve into God’s word to find my help.  “By the God of your father who will help you, And by the Almighty who will bless you with blessings of heaven above”…Genesis 49:25.  God is my redeemer and my savior, whom or what shall I fear.                                     God Bless you today,  CSW